secure data disposal

There’s No Safer Way.

Confidential data and document destruction.

Companies and public bodies have to dispose of many different kinds of office waste, ranging from cardboard, to old computers, to confidential data. In any case, REISSWOLF is the partner to talk to.

At REISSWOLF, we destroy all sensitive data in compliance with the highest international standards and legal requirements. Be it documents, disks, magnetic tapes, videos, or microfilms – we have developed closed security systems of varying sizes for all media.

Our job is to make sure that nobody else will have the slightest chance of accessing your data. We take this very seriously. Each stage of the destruction process is documented and issued with a confirmation certificate. We provide our customers with specially constructed security containers, which are transported in secured REISSWOLF vehicles to electronically monitored destruction areas. There, all the data media are sorted and destroyed in accordance with DIN 66399.

The entire process is also regularly checked by external quality management inspectors and is continuously optimized according to ISO 9001:2015. If the economic and technical requirements are fulfilled, all materials are recycled as industrial secondary products.