secure destruction

Ensuring the Safe Destruction of Your Electronic Storage Media.

High-security media destruction.

More and more data is stored on data storage media. Yet, there also comes a time when these electronic storage media become old or get damaged. Even if you cannot access your broken storage medium anymore – who knows who could? That’s why, at REISSWOLF, we take care of the convenient and secure destruction of data volumes such as hard disks, USB drives, CDs, DVDs, microfilms, streamers, and recording tape.

Our destruction plant for hard drives is one the most modern sites in Europe. Each hour, 50 kilograms of data storage media can be shredded into tiny particles in compliance with the DIN 66399 standard recommended by the German Federal Data Protection Act and the Federal Office for Information Security.

By using special sealable security containers in different sizes as well as safety vehicles, we ensure that, not only the secure destruction of data itself, but the whole collection process meets our high security standards.