business shredding

European Market Leader and Security Specialist.

Professional paper business shredding services.

For more than 30 years now, we at REISSWOLF have been famous for our paper business shredding services, which we have been continuously refining over the years. This service gave us our name (REISSWOLF refers to a wolf vigorously ripping its prey apart) and made us the European market leader in document destruction.

Today, if stacked up, the daily amount of conventional files destroyed by REISSWOLF would be as tall as 45 Eiffel Towers. And, if economic and technical requirements allow, all materials are recycled as industrial secondary products.

Besides efficiency and environmental responsibility, we have always focused on data protection and legal compliance. Therefore, our safety containers and press trucks provide the highest possible security and a closed automatic destruction process, preventing anyone – even our employees – from accessing your sensitive data.