REISSWOLF Digital Services

We Provide Digital Solutions that Meet the Individual Challenges of Various Businesses – at Every Stage.

Customized digital data services with high security standards.

In our digital world, paper is a finite issue. Any organization still using a traditional paper-based filing system needs to consider a transition toward paperless processes. That’s why, at REISSWOLF, we began establishing our digital branch a few years ago in order to advance our internal and external processes and also to help our customers to do the same with the proven reliability of REISSWOLF security standards and services.

By adopting paperless business processes through digital records management and imaging, organizations can benefit economically, increase productivity, and enhance business practices. Depending on the working conditions, such a digitization process can be conducted completely or on-demand.

Complete digitization


  • Data availability
  • Destruction of physical archive possible
  • Retrieval of complete dossiers
  • No delay due to on-demand scanning
  • Full recovery possible


  • Costs for digitalization of documents which will never be retrieved
  • Search results will increase because matches of older documents

On-demand digitization


  • Low initial costs because only requested documents are digitalized
  • Older documents will not be implemented in the new DMS/RMS system automatically


  • Search in several systems (physical archive and digital archive)
  • No complete dossiers available at once if a document is retrieved
  • No recovery in case of loss of physical documents

At REISSWOLF, we meet you right at the individual digital stage of your business. Our 360° concept enables us to easily combine digital and analogue services, and provide you with the exact degree of digitization suited to your needs – whether you want to convert all of your processes at once or step by step.