Setting New Standards.

Important data protection laws to secure the safety of your data.

In our world, data security is becoming increasingly significant every day. At REISSWOLF, not only do we follow high standards, but we also want to make a true impact on how data will be handled in the future. That’s why we also participate in the development of new industry standards, as we just did with the new DIN-NORM 66399.

DIN 66399

This is the new comprehensive industry standard for the shredding and destruction of all types of data media. It is the only standard in the world to regulate the whole procedure of data destruction. This new DIN standard addresses all parties involved in the business, including shredder producers, data and document destruction service providers, as well as end customers. The standard was developed by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) in cooperation with industry stakeholders and with the participation of REISSWOLF. The new standard is unique and will become essential for the future of data destruction.

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